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Mr Fluffy clean-up puts brakes on infrastructure projects
Friday, 12th September 2014

Mr Fluffy in roof
The ACT government will shelve or delay major infrastructure projects announced in the June budget as it prepares for a $300 million clean-up bill for Canberra's Mr Fluffy asbestos homes.

Large parts of the $2.5 billion infrastructure package announced by Treasurer Andrew Barr will be significantly delayed, including the City to the Lake development, a new city sports stadium and a new national convention centre, with money reallocated for likely buybacks and remediation of 1000 properties in the ACT.

As the Commonwealth announced a heightening of Australia's terror alert levels on Friday, Chief Minister Katy Gallagher told The Canberra Times her government's priorities remained health and education funding, as well as the planned light rail line to Gungahlin.

Cabinet has agreed the fourth priority for the coming five years should be the demolition or remediation of homes with the toxic loose-fill asbestos, but Ms Gallagher stressed negotiations over cost and expert advice were ongoing with Employment Minister Eric Abetz.

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No safe use: The Canadian asbestos epidemic that Ottawa is ignoring
Wednesday, 18th June, 2014

Canada's embrace of the "miracle mineral" has seeded an epidemic of cancers. Yet many Canadians are still exposed to asbestos every day. Don't look to Ottawa for help - it's still defending an industry that, like its victims, is wasting away.

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