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Welcome to adfa.

The Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia Inc.(ADFA) is a not-for profit organisation working to provide support to people living with asbestos related diseases.

Adfa Staff and Senator Lisa Singh

Home Renovators and DIY

Check with your local council on the guidelines for working with asbestos before you start your renovation.

If you need to use an asbestos removalist please check that they are fully licenced and accredited. NSW residents can check here.

Licenced Asbestos Removalist

European Asbestos Forum 2015

European Asbestos Forum 2015The European Asbestos Forum strives to improve professional networks and the exchange of the best and newest of knowledge regarding all matters related to asbestos. Remediation, innovations, best practices, limit values, raising awarenes and improving safety in the workplace, national and European policy, enforcement of and comparing regulations and legislation, treatments, epidemiology, environmental polution etc. All of it.

Why? Because sharing makes us stronger. Every country in the world has asbestos problems. Many have solutions of different kinds to these problems. But which solutions are the best? Instead of every country and sector reinventing the wheel, thereby costing untold many lives, precious time and wasted funds, the EAF encourages networking and sharing across borders and sectors. Sharing the best innovations, the newest insights, the best practices. Learning from each other's mistakes and successes.



Rotterdam Convention Geneva 2015

Rotterdam Convention 2015The listing of chrysotile asbestos on Annex III of the Rotterdam Convention on the Prior Informed Consent Procedure for Certain Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade.

Barry Robson President of adfa lets fly at what took place at the convention in Geneva when 7 countries vetoed the other 46 countries lead by Australia to the listing of chrysotile asbestos. Barry was disgusted and ashamed that the Russian and Indian false propaganda and untruths against the scientific facts to the perils of asbestos were allowed to be put out at the convention.


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Turner Freeman Lawyers

Turner Freeman Lawyers

Dust Diseases Board


Asbestos Safety Agency

Asbestos Safety Agency

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Asbestos Council of Victoria Asbestos Related Disease Support Society Qld Inc Asbestos Victims Association of South Australia Asbestos Workcover NSW National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia

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 Barry Robson
 ADFA - President
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 ADFA - Vice President
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